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How to Get Rid of a Migraine Quickly

The best way to reduce headache is possibly the most surprising to many people. Recently, a group of researchers stumbled upon a new possible medical application for Sildenafil – the main ingredient of Viagra Professional. Scientists focused their attention on the ability of the compound to produce excessive amounts of nitric oxide (NO) which helps to fix the blood flow. The group of researchers led by famous Adam Tozer from Cambridge continues its search for new methods of using this interesting ability of Sildenafil and PDE5 inhibitors in general.

While there are many ingredients in Viagra, only Sildenafil is active. This compound affects the production rate of NO and thus allows the blood to be easily sucked by penile cavernous tissues. However, the blue pill may yet demonstrate a new healing power by addressing issues like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, various types of chronic pain, and migraine.

The core problem in question is why Sildenafil helps to relief such symptoms. Scientists argue that there are multiple potential therapeutic applications for the drug and using it to address brain conditions may help us to understand the very nature of our humans’ cognitive functions. Several teams of specialists based in Leicester are trying their hardest to examine how brain cells communicate with each other under the influence of NO. If the research is successful, we might have a new breakthrough in treating Alzheimer’s and chronic pain as well as getting rid of migraine.

The actual best way to get rid of a migraine/headache

The day when Viagra is used to treat headache is close according to various scientists and sensation hungry journalists, but we are yet to arrive to that point. The most effective answer from the arsenal of drugs recommended by doctors is quite possibly the famous Amlodipine Norvasc. This compound made its way to the list of essentials created by the WHO.

The drug is a cheap and very efficient way to address a variety of problems related to hypertension and diseases related to the coronary artery. Migraines are mysterious and we still do not know what exactly cause them. Nonetheless, many scientists draw parallels between this condition and high blood pressure – these two phenomenon are often mutually related. If you have a terrible unexplainable pain in your head that bothers you regularly, chances are you are experiencing hypertension related migraines.

This condition causes extreme discomfort and often manifests serious health issues that need to be addressed urgently. However, you will most likely need an effective solution for your headache. Getting rid of migraine can be troublesome without drugs designed to relief specific symptoms of the condition and Amlodipine is most certainly one of them. There is simply no better method of quickly relieving headache. The drug exists for over 2 decades and highly praised by all practicing doctors.

Both Viagra Professional and generic Norvasc Amlodipine are effective against migraine and can be purchased online for a low price. If you need a resultative medical answer to your migraine, getting time tested drugs is the way to go.