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How to Maintain Healthy Toenails?

Be honest, how thoroughly do you take care of the health of your toenails? Most people just tend to trim them once in a month or so, and it is considered a full routine required. Other people, in turn, like to visit salons for pedicure procedures. Finally, there are also those who go extreme and apply dozens of masks for feet and toenails just to be safe and do not experience any modesty when wearing open shoes. This brief guide will uncover the key healthy tips to maintain your toenails under control. They will fit those who struggle with yellow/brown colour of toenails, strange smell, as well as fungus which may occasionally occur.

Factors Which Require Treatment of Toenails + Tips

First off, a person may come across dystrophic nails. It means that they could have been exposed to traumas from frictions or rubbing. It especially concerns the events when you wear uncomfortable shoes that make your cells thicken to protect themselves. You will then face calluses, or toenails will squeeze, turn yellow or darkened. Looking ahead, in such cases, you are most likely to need to change shoes or apply some healthy masks or creams to change the situation.

Healthy Toenails

Secondly, there are events when your toenails can be easily infected with a fungus that, in turn, changes the nail’s colour and thickens them. On most occasions, the common fungus that will affect the toenails is called Tinea Pedis or else Athlete’s Foot. Unfortunately, there are lots of rumours behind it, and some pharmaceutical companies do say that by touching it, you will surely get it as well. Yet, it is not a contagious health condition. Fungi may also be cured with the help of beauty routines, creams, however, medications might be turned to as well.

Now, what about the tips to take care of your toenails?

#1 Daily Cleaning

Hopefully, you alone understand that daily cleansing won’t do any harm to your toenails. You will need to use a mild soap and warm water that will both stimulate blood circulation to your feet, and promote the growth of the toenails. Beyond that, soaps depending on your pick may help to prevent onychomycosis and bromodosis. If you have a designated foot brush, use it during the bathing, but do also ensure to dry each foot to not build a warm, moist environment for more fungus.

#2 Moisturize with Lotions

Your toenails will say thank you by receiving daily care with moisturisers. Buy a lotion, and apply it daily once or twice around each toenail. Ideally, dermatologists recommend paying attention to lotions with jojoba or avocado oils that will help to get rid of dryness, and cracks of the nails. If you are not a fan of commercial products, you can also buy a base cream, and natural organic oils and mix it all for the health of your toenails. Read more recipes online.

#3 Follow Your Doctor’s Directions

On the occasions, when you deal with a severe fungus on your toenails, there is pretty little you can do except for turning to designated medications. For instance, a doctor may occasionally prescribe you Itraconazole (Sporanox), an antifungal medication used to treat a variety of fungal infections. It does not predetermine a long-term use but averagely 3 weeks. You can read more about it at bioblastpharma.com/product/generic-sporanox-itraconazole. Note, do not prescribe alone medications if you struggle with fungal infections but do always refer to your healthcare provider.

#4 Keep a Certain Diet

Yes, do not be surprised, however, your eating regimen largely dictates how your toenails live. The first thing to know is that both your toenails and fingernails are made from keratin, a protein. Therefore, when nails lag behind healthy functioning and living, you can support them by eating more proteins. Ideally, add more veggies, fruits, nuts, as well as lean meats. Otherwise, a doctor may also recommend you to take vitamins and biotin supplements that will promote their healthy growth.

#5 Practice Regular Foot Soaks Routines

It will be a great deal for your toenails to let them experience foot soak on a regular basis. Footbaths are ideal for soothing and relieving some kind of stress. After that, they will help loosen dirt, debris, strange smell, and prevent fungus infections. Finally, foot soak may help you power toenails with a moisturizing experience if you add some natural and organic oils to the water.

Learn more about fungus infections:

#6 Massage Your Feet

Another approach to maintaining healthy toenails is to do massage. Otherwise, you can always refer to professionals. There is a designated massage aimed at promoting circulation to your feet and toes. That circulation, in turn, will help to get light pink colour and smooth skin. If you practice it all alone, ensure you find the right instructions for foot massage.

#7 Let Your Feet Breathe

When you wear shoes 24/7, believe us, it won’t do any good to the prevention of fungal infections. Whenever you are at home, make a habit of wearing no shoes at all, even sleepers. If possible, and you have a garden with fresh grass, you can walk barefoot there just to massage your feet again and give them some boosted circulation.

#8 Remove Nail Polish

If you start experiencing that your nails turn yellow or darken, or there is a strange smell, ensure you remove nail polish as soon as possible. The polish only prevents toenails from normal breathing, and it can again all lead to fungal infections. Leave them for weeks or even months without polishing them. Do apply creams, and proceed with massage.

#9 Buy Comfortable Shoes

The pretty obvious tip is to buy shoes with natural materials, and that can shape your feet comfortably. If possible, find the stores that sell shoes for problematic feet or nails that will let them breathe.

#10 Avoid Too Moist Areas

Last but not least, whenever you are not at home, in public spaces where you need to walk barefoot, think twice prior to doing it. It especially concerns the swimming pools or indoor water parks. Do always keep something like slide sandals with you.

All in all, there are many ways to help your toenails be healthy. Yet, some people may come across severe fungal infections that will need a proper doctor’s consultation. Therefore, if your nails do not stop becoming yellow, or releasing a strange smell, do ask your doctor for any recommendations, or antifungal medications.